Play till you drop in the largest theme park of Southeast Asia Dragon Park

A huge number of tourists flocked to Dragon Park in the natural heritage city in search of a head start and fulfilling sensations in the Lunar New Year. Situated in Bai Chay, Ha Long City, Dragon Park is part of Sun World Halong Park complex, which is an amusement business of Sun Group.

The most spectacular and popular game in the Dragon Park is the “Lightning Dragon”, the longest hyperspeed roller coaster train of Asia whose roller coaster runs up to 1.1km. It is one of a few versions of the worldwide that was manufactured by B&M for selected markets.

Relax on the Tropical cruise to let yourselves adrift on the silky blue river under the shady greenery and soft breezes blowing from the sea. The heavenly dotage has held many families and young tourists under the spellbound so that they can make the most of their we-time in the Lunar New Year.

Meanwhile, “Tracing the dragon”, one of the more extreme games in Dragon Park, unleashes your ultimate freedom from within as the game invites conquerors into a journey to the mythical dragon realm on unexpected twists and bends.

For children and daydreamers who just want to “snatch a train ticket to dial back childhood”, a journey on the “Royal Carousel” will turn back time with the most sparkling horse carousel and upbeat music. It the also the first double-storey carousel ever installed in Vietnam, which intensifies your childlike experiences and delight. Huyen My, a Hanoian girl who in great joys got off the spinning horse, said: “Awesome. What I thought I would have to travel overseas to try can now be found in Vietnam”.

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