April is synonymous with the much expected return of the Typhoon Water Park. Since April 6, 2019, the water park will officially make comeback with numerous attractive bonus programs: exemption of entry ticket for the first 500 visitors on April 6, 2019; enviably attractive discounted fare from April 6 to 25 that is from just VND 50,000.

Typhoon Water Park is an indispensable destination for anyone to Ha Long. Spanning a total area of nearly 20ha, the design of the Typhoon Water Park is indeed modeled after that of top water parks of the world such as Typhoon Lagoon (US), Blizzard Beach of world renowned Walt Disney World complex (US) or Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)…

At the kid’s game zone, the Typhoon Bay of the Typhoon Water Park is granted a jovial and cheerful décor along with a slew of attractive games and absolutely safe games for kids. Hair raising twists, models of funny animals at the “Sun Bay” or the “Miraculous Island” never ceases to keep our children astonished and delighted. Just near there is the family game zone that features most spectacular teamwork games that requires perfect synthesis and solidarity such as “Queen Cobra” or “Pirate Island”…

A focus of the Typhoon Water Park is extreme games for those really into challenges. And to make the most of those frenetic experiences at their best, and push all the boundaries from within yourselves, let’s plunge in the free fall from the height of over 20m on hypersphere twists and rollers or hurl yourselves in 360-degree rolls up in the air in the “Tropical Typhoon”.

Such a great and fascinating underwater world of course will never disappoint you and your beloveds. Just over 100km away from Hanoi, the broiling summer heat seems to fade and dissolve at your feet. Just owing to the geographical proximity for a weekend vacation, families may totally make the Typhoon Water Park a new rendezvous for your children to fully enjoy a robust, and still largely affordable summer treat.

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