Drifting around 3D posters, sightseeing on the magnificent blossom streets, enjoying the great gympab party, appealing bamboo tube somen noodles, etc, countless original Japanese experiences will take place from July 06 to August 04 in the framework of Sunrise Festival 2019 at the top recreational – entertainment Sun World Halong Complex.

This is the third time that Sun World Halong Complex has organized the Sunrise Festival, yet at a spectaculous size, a lot of activities, layout zones much more wonderful and attractive than two previous seasons.

Coming to the Sunrise Festival 2019 is able to sightsee one Japan’s summer with blossoms and colors. Upon leaving the Queen hang cable from the journey to spectaculate the Halong Bay, opened to the visitors is the daily Japanese garden turned into the famous Hokkaido flower valley with colourful bands of flowers. Prominent in the centre of the flower valley is the image of “minor Fuji Mountain” full of flowers, focused by the huge butterfly waving.


Beside the flower hill is the pinky sakura street. To be foci of the flower street is the sakura plant 6.5m high. Walking along the flower street, sitting under that ancient sakura branch seems like wandering about a somewhat Japan’s quarter in the sakura blossoming season.

One Nagasaki umbrella road with non-original umbrellas but made by hand complicatedly right next to the flower hill make it an attractive destination to the visitors. The road decorated by the colourful luck strips reminds about the Tanabata Summer Festival of the Sunrise homeland. Those small pretty Japan coners take the visitors through a lot of surprises one by one.

Koi bridge has inherently become one symbol of Sun World Halong Complex, which in this festival been decorated by the sparkling and dreaming bundles of dandelion. Whether holding the partner along the bridge overshadowed by the flying dandelion petals is the upmost romantic experience?

Over the other side of Koi bridge “dandelion version”, the most excited surprises of the Sunrise Festival this year are awaiting you. One huge colourful flower road, one led light road changing colours at night, the grass hills enlighted by hundreds of led bulbs sparkling in the night like a fire-fly hill. The visitors will find themselves as the Alice girl getting lost in the wonderland.

But Alice is not lucky like you because the girl is unable to get lost in the 3D Mapping in the Bonsai house. This is a new strange item which is considered to most attract the visitors in the festival time. With the theme of summer flowers and modern 3D light effects, the visitors will find themselves standing in the middle of the endless flower fields in Japan, touching lightly each petal of flowers blossoming and steps making waves on the colourful flower bands.



Cosplay believers may certainly not miss the Sunrise Festival for this occasion, the Sun World park will give the animated and appealing Sun World’s Best Cosplayer Contest 2019 with the prize up to 70 million dongs. Especially, it is a chance to meet and exchange with the international Cosplayer idols.

This year, instead of inviting one Yosakoi team during the festival, the organizer board will plan out a new platform for those who have passion for the traditional Japanese dance beat. There will have many Yosakoi teams coming to the festival, making many active and vibrant performances. All the Yosakoi teams also match around the Japan Garden and take photos with the visitors.

If coming to Japan without watching the Ninjado show, it is certainly a less interesting trip. And in the Sunrise Festival, right at Halong, the visitors may enjoy the legendary Great Ninja Battle performed by Japanese artists coming from Edo Wonderland, starting from the third week of the Festival, at the Moon Puppet Theatre, breath-taking watching the Ninja’s battles in front of you, which is not a legend in movies at all but the real Ninja!

With all those visit items and activities, you should be energized to continue exploring and playing in this wonderland. The bamboo tube Somen noodles or Sushi – Gympab party at the Sushi Bar restaurant are always available to all the visitors. You can choose to take away or enjoy at the restaurant with a modern space, Halong Bay great view.

Don’t forget that to the festival is to play. Here also has one combo of games from Ninja Challenge, Ninja Saga, fish picking by paper racket, to “Japanese Badminton” Hanetsuki… Playing all this combo, you will get many surprising gifts.

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