Each coming Christmas, the recreational – entertainment Sun World Halong Complex brings the Dear customers a lot of very appealing experiences.

This Christmas year, Sun World Halong Complex has colourful decorative themes young and vibrant with very eye-catching foci. The most attractive thing that the dear customers could experience is the Christmas tree with lively colour bands from over 500,000 led bulbs and its height up to 18,88m, bringing unforgettable experiences to the visitors right after arriving at the Sun World Halong Complex park.

he Christmas tree in front of the hang cable station of the Sun World Halong Complex.
The brilliant Christmas tree in the dawn.

In the said festival atmosphere, the Sun World Halong Complex has planned out a lot of very demand gifts for kids. Through this is a gratitude to the Dear customers for a very happy and merry Christmas season. Being a very special attractive must-come destination for families and couples in each holiday, in this Christmas season, the Sun World Halong Complex will bring the Dear customers to the wonderlands where each space is a world full of light and very authentic colours of the Christmas season, to realize the rich imaginations from the kids. Along with the biggest promotions in year, each visitor to the recreational park will find the best opportunities in order to get along with the beloved people to enjoy fun, make it closer relationship.


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