Why adventure gamers go mad with Dragon Park

Piercing cries and hearty laugh of visitors who are flashing aboard the longest roller coaster train of Asia just wake up a whole corner of the city. “The Lightning Dragon” – a limited edition of the extreme game worldwide that is manufactured by B&M – is taking the amusement industry of the North by storm.

The journey on the roller coaster of up to 1.1km with numerous treacherous twists can make even die-hard adventure gamers go beyond the pale. After the breathtaking challenge in midair, Hoang Long (Hanoi) just uttered: “The feeling is exceptional as you are tossed in the air, and drop to the ground at a dizzy speed. As you cry, all burdens and stress are dissolved”.

A sister edition of the Lightning Dragon, roller coaster “Tracing the dragon” is a softer and more imaginative route. You should feel free to soar on upside-down seats and get into the unique adventure of unexpected twists in the air.

Families with small children will delight in family based games. Beside the giant two storey carousel or the Tropical cruise, the Swinging Cups are also equally enjoyable as Alice in Wonderland. In particular, Dragon Park also adds a series of attractive and well-conceived games such as a tour around splendid Paris and her Eiffel Tower in the “Tour de Paris”, The Top Dancer, Pirate Ship or the Magical Train…

Spanning nearly 40ha in total, Dragon Park is much beyond a modern and world-class game world, but also the fantasy kingdom for kids to rut. Designed to emulate world’s most advanced amusement park models, Dragon Park puts on offer all games available for all ages. Any family members should figure out a good source of fun for his own. At the end of the delightful journey, the only must-visits for travelers should be the “food pool” in Dragon Park as fueled with most delectable Asian and European treats.

To continue to receive surging influx of tourists in spring days, Dragon Park is expected to be an emerging tourist attraction and amusement center of the North.

Dragon Park is the largest theme park in Southeast Asia and also the second largest development of Sun World Halong Park. The park is part of the amusement business of Sun Group, which was officially put in operation following the Queen cable cars setting two world Guinness records and the inauguration of giant Sun Wheel in June 2016.

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