In order to bring a better experience to visitors, from April 29 to August 20, 2023, Sun World Ha Long launches a priority fast ticket service, giving customers a different and classy experience.


The Wow Pass service is a high-standard added service that allows visitors to use the priority passage to get on or off the cable car quickly or participate in more convenient games, without having to wait in line. Thus, in parallel with buying cable car tickets to experience at Sun World Ha Long, visitors can choose to buy more fast priority ticket services to optimize the time to enjoy and explore all attractive experiences at Dragon Park or Queen cable car.




Dragon Park  Queen Cable Car
Adult 300,000 VND 300,000 VND
Children 200,000 VND 200,000 VND



  • – Under 1m: free use of the service
    – 1m – 1m4: use of child fare service
    – Over 1m4: use adult fare service



  • – Unlimited priority entrance service several times a day
    – Priority ropeway services including use of the cable car, Samurai slide lane and Sun Wheel
    – Valid from April 29 to August 20, 2023


The form of Wow pass Lane (Fast Pass) has been popular for a long time in the world and is very familiar to all travel followers when going to big parks such as Disneyland, Universal Studio … Fast Pass is even likened to a “pass” to help visitors save maximum time to discover most of the chain of services, games, interesting experiences in tourist and entertainment paradises.


“Wow Pass Lane is one of the high standard services we offer to Sun World customers in general and Sun World Ha Long in particular.” Instead of waiting in long queues in crowded conditions on peak occasions, visitors have more choices to go faster to save time and experience more, especially in the peak summer with peak visitor traffic.


Let’s show you the best experience in your wonderful journey!


No.9 Ha Long str., Bai Chay, Ha Long city, Quang Ninh Province
Hotline: 0989 200 699 – 0203 223 8888
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