Take me to Sun World Ha Long – Experiences and attractive offers awaits

A colorful summer, Sun World Ha Long welcomes visitors with a series of new activities, many virtual living spaces and unprecedented attractive offers.


Wonders of 4 seasons – Brilliant Summer Carnival 


Coming to Sun World Ha Long this summer, visitors will be immersed in the vibrant atmosphere of “Four Seasons Wonder – Brilliant Summer Carnival” taking place from June to August. Held at Sun World Ha Long amusement park, Carnival will stir up the summer with colorful parades of samba dancers in splendid costumes, and vibrant performances by Brazilian dancers, Ukrainian drum band and stilt artists jog in a park decorated with colorful miniatures.



Cultural space, colorful 


In order to bring the complete summer experience to visitors, Sun World Ha Long offers a unique Japanese cultural space on the Mystic Hills. Here, visitors are not only immersed in the landscape but also the traditional dances of Japan such as Yosakoi dance or Taiko Drum performance in the space of a unique Mount Fuji.



An attraction not to be missed at Sun World Ha Long is the richest and most modern game system at Dragon and Water Park in Southeast Asia. Visitors can freely conquer 20 adventure games such as “Flying speed”, “Round of death”, “Hai Tuong waterfall” or endless cool and refreshing slides.



On this occasion, Sun World Ha Long offers summer promotions with many attractive combos until the end of July 31: Combo 2 in 1 is only 500,000 VND for tickets to any 2 parks; Combo ticket price to enter Dragon Park + Buffet lunch is only 500,000 VND. 


In particular, you can buy Combo all in one for only 600,000 VND to experience the package of 2 parks with the Mystic Hills and Queen Cable Car. When you own this package combo ticket, you also get 100% free tickets to the Wax Statue Museum, Sun Wheel, Bao Hai Linh Thong Tu cultural complex, Japanese Zen Garden, tornado slide, 3 rounds of Samurai,…


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